Safe Day Consulting, LLC has recently formed a joint venture partnership with Soft Design Consulting, LLC a St. Louis based company specializing in custom desktop, web, and PDA applications.  We are very excited about some of the products we have developed for our customers that are now available to everyone as web-based applications through our Safety Management Suite.  

By conducting employee exposure assessments using these applications, we are able to identify potentially hazardous chemical and physical agents present in your workplace before they cause injury or illness to your workers.  By tracking near miss incidents, first aid cases and occupational injuries through use of the Incident Tracking module, we can conduct trend analyses to identify the areas of greatest risk within your facility.  Through use of the Action Tracking module, we are able to record findings from audits, inspections, incident investigations, etc., identify and record appropriate corrective actions, and assign responsibility for completion.  The MSDS module provides for electronic storage and maintenance of chemical inventory and MSDS images.  All modules provide automated e-mail reminders based on company-specific requirements.   

The modern technology platform upon which these applications are built provides the flexibility needed to function either as the largest enterprise solution or as your stand-alone, single user system.  They truly are that flexible and all design was conducted using a single guiding principle - "Keep it Simple".

Select this link to log-in to the Safety Management System application:

For more information, or to request a demo user ID, please contact us at: SafeDayLogo2